About BreadBoost

BreadBoost is a platform focused on helping individuals, organizations and nonprofits maximize their fundraising potential by using an all-inclusive web based solution in conjunction with our proven marathon fundraising campaigns.

Our goal is to help organizations maximize their ability to raise funds, build a vibrant community of supporters, and achieve success through innovative fundraising events.  

Costs vary depending on the type of page or event you are looking to set up.  Individual pages are 5-8%, including credit card fees, while event/team based solutions range from 8-13%, including credit card fees.  We will set you up with the event that best fits your needs and allows you to maximize your fundraising efforts.

We Help

jerry peirson executive director, Ball State University Cardinal Varsity Club

Ball State University Cardinal Varsity Club utilized the concept of 100 Holes of Golf Fundraiser for the very first time recently. It was without a doubt one of our most unique events for raising money and very successful. We raised over $27,000 with 23 participants and had much fun in the process. The advice of the entire staff at BreadBoost from the outset was outstanding.

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