Team Thompson Memory Garden

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Event Date: Thursday, August 26, 2021

Event Location: Indianapolis, IN



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Our Story

Team Thompson Memory Garden

As the Thompson Family celebrates the life, and grieves the loss of their dear brother and son Moses, we would like to set up a fund to honor Moses in the creation of a garden area for their children to enjoy and remember their brother.

Moses' Garden

Moses Xin Thompson (6 years old) ran into the arms of Jesus on June 29th, 2021 surrounded by his parents and three siblings after battling a progressive lung disease.

Moses was born in Beiliu, China in the Guangxi province on December 14, 2014 and was lovingly cared for by the Haven of Hope foster home until uniting with his forever family, The Thompsons, in December 2015. He was and will always be the beloved son of his parents, Sean and Candice, and a treasured brother of Isaiah (10), David (7), and Nyla (3).

Though he was in years just a little boy, his life demonstrated powerful lessons and wisdom beyond his six years. Moses traversed procedures and experiences that were difficult, uncomfortable and unpleasant with contentedness, joy, and perseverance while still giving to others and trying to comfort them with his gentle touch and his kisses. He brought beauty into the world with his innumerable, colored drawings, which continue to decorate the Earth with beautiful intention in their colored pencil, crayon, marker, and watercolor hues of lines, circles, and swirls.  He spread love and thoughtfulness like confetti in his actions and through sign language. Some of his favorite words were "I love you," "friend," "family," "elephant," "thank you," "home," and "Jesus."  He loved to tell jokes with his siblings and would shorten them to one word.  He'd yell out the word and expect that someone would yell it back, followed by joyful laughter. Moses loved being outside, swinging, and going fast with his family in the back yard as they all played together.

This fund was created with the intention to create a backyard space where Sean, Candice, Isaiah, David and Nyla can continue to play together and remember their dear son and brother, Moses, while they do.  One of the last outings they took together as a family of six was to a local garden shop with beautiful outdoor fountains and the children all enjoyed putting their hands in the water and listening to the sounds it made. The Thompsons hope to include a custom "bubbling boulder" as a water feature in their backyard oasis in honor of Moses.  They imagine the bolder being sat on, toys in the water, toes in the water, fingers running across the water. Moses' name means "to be drawn out of the water" and his middle name means strong heart or faithful. A "bubbling boulder" seems right.
Thank you for helping them make this beautiful calming space that will continue to bring joy just as Moses did. 

Thank you for your support!

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