Darin Vaughn

Darin is participating in 2021 Hearts for Haiti 100 Holes of Golf.

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Event Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021

Event Location: Hillview Country Club - 1800 E King St - Franklin, IN



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Our Story

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela

Haiti is a country of 11 million people where 50% of the children do not attend school.  Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to the third grade.  60% will abandon school before sixth grade.  And only 29% of Haitians 25 and older will attend secondary school.  80% of the teachers in Haiti have not received any training, and half of the public sector teachers lack basic qualifications to teach.

In 2009, the Hearts for Haiti ministry was founded at Our Lady of the Greenwood Church and School.  Its mission was and is to increase teacher training and to improve the education opportunities for the children of St. Georges’ parish and Bassin-Bleu village in Northern Haiti.  

Over the last 10+ years, we have found that education breaks the cycle of typical Haitian life…birth, poverty, hunger, and death.  We have been successful in funding teacher training, staff functions, and providing scholarships for the high school at St. Georges.  Our graduation rate is above 80%, and most students qualify for ongoing education.  In addition, we have funded a vocational school for young adults, allowing them to learn a trade in order to make a living.   During the summer months, we support a 30 day basketball camp that exercises, feeds, and teaches the children of Bassin-Bleu while offering educational support…all-the-while keeping them off the streets.

Hearts for Haiti is funded entirely through fundraisers and direct donations.   We hope that the 100 Holes of Golf will allow us to continue our mission well into the future.  Thank you, in advance, for helping this cause.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Thank you for your support!

A message from Darin Vaughn

Hello all! I am playing in a charity 100 hole golf challenge on 5/13. This challenge raises money to help fund yearly mission trips to Haiti which my friend Ryan Benich has done for several years. I plan on going on the next mission with him and his church which is possibly going to happen later in the year depending on many factors such as COVID and unrest in the country. If you would like to donate to this cause, please send whatever you can. Thank you in advance for helping with this great cause!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my supporters!
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