White's Residential & Family Services - Teeing Up for Teens

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Event Date: Monday, June 17, 2019

Event Location: Etna Acres - 9803 W. 600 S. - Andrews, IN 46702



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Our Story

We have kids in our care 365 days a year! As a Christ centered organization it is our mission to provide children and families with emotional healing, personal development, and spiritual growth. Since 1850 White’s has provided superior care through residential, foster care, adoption, and home-based services.

Your sponsorships provides opportunities of recreational and extracurricular activities for over 650 kids each a year through the variety of White’s Residential & Family Service’s programs. Many of these children and teens have not had the opportunity to participate in sports, camps, music or other extracurricular activities that are vital to recovery and personal development.

Here is one example of how this event helped our students last year;

The young men on the White’s Basketball team were encouraged by the knowledge of your giving. In fact, in answer to their “why would they do that for us?” we got to share your heart and your dedication to the ministry of White’s.

Their season record allowed them an opportunity to play in an invitation tournament, and the confidence, the affirmation, the sense of belonging that comes with it, shows these young people the value of teamwork, of working hard toward a common goal, and the importance of people in the pursuit of the goal. As one student said, “We encourage one another when someone makes a great play and even if they don’t.” Another was caught helping up a member of the opposite team when he got knocked down during a game. Kelsey Sommers, the Residential Program Director, said, “Parents of the other team were cheering for our team because of their good sportsmanship.” Sportsmanship flows from feeling value in oneself and seeing that value in others. Our sponsors care of young people through sponsorships of this event made its impact felt.

The young men learn a great deal from their coach, Sean Cline. “Mr. Cline,” one young man said, “doesn’t just teach us about basketball. He helps us not feed into the negatives in life.” Another young man echoed this thought. “Mr. Cline is a father-like coach. He’s a good mentor to us. He tells us we’ll make it.”

Thank you for your support of Teeing Up for Teens. As you can see, this event is about far more than just extra-curricular activities. It is about life – and life’s second chances for Indiana’s most vulnerable adolescents.

Thank you for your support!

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