White's Residential & Family Services - Teeing Up for Teens

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Event Date: Monday, June 11, 2018

Event Location: Etna Acres - 9803 W. 600 S. - Andrews, IN 46702



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White’s Residential & Family Services is committed to enriching the lives of children, teens and families in crisis through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth.

Beckett came to us as a sophomore  who was failing in school and didn't care what anyone thought of him. That started to turn around the day he was playing basketball with the other boys from his cottage and White's basketball coach saw his skills. The coach told him he would be happy to have him join the team... IF he could bring his grades up to an acceptable level. Before long, Beckett had done exactly that, came to practice, made the team and was the only White's student that played in every game this season. He began to see himself differently. He felt like he mattered and he had something to offer. Beckett finished the program at White’s and returned home as a Junior on the Honor Roll, he told a staff member that one of the most important things he learned at White's was that life is so much easier if you do the right thing the first time around. He is returning home a much wiser and more confident young man than he was when he came.

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